Catalonia, with its capital city Barcelona, is a region in North-Eastern Spain that stretches through almost 600 km of the Mediterranean sea, offering an excellent gastronomy, a milenary culture and stunning landscapes. While a visit to Barcelona will allow you to immerse yourself in the architectural wonders of Gaudí, take some time wander outside of the capital for a breath of fresh air, to open your eyes to a world unknown to the rest.


The sexy capital city of Catalonia will lure you to see all its famous cultural icons. However, we invite you to take some time to explore the lesser known, upcoming sites like Hospital Sant Pau, Casa Navas, Casa De Les Punxes, which will equally take your breath away with their architectural detail. Walk up an appetite and eat your way through the city’s 23 Michelin-starred restaurants and local bars and markets, like Santa Caterina or Sants, to touch, smell and feel the produce which reaches your plate.Take a stroll as the sun sets into the neighbour of Barceloneta, right next to the beach to enjoy the views with a wine in hand. We’re sure the clear blue waters will lure you to an adventure into the rest of Catalonia.


Costa Brava

Costa Brava translates as the ‘rugged coast’ or ‘wild coast’, characteristic of its 200 km stretch coastline that hugs the region. Home to Salvador Dalí museum, hometown, castle and muse, Costa Brava will spoil you with its turquoise waters, quaint fishing villages, well preserved medieval towns, where even Game of Thrones was filmed. With easy access by car and only 37 minutes on high speed train from Barcelona, no trip to Catalonia is complete without spending some time exploring the staggeringly beautiful Costa Brava, via its capital city, Girona.


Costa Daurada

Costa Daurada means ‘golden coast’ in Catalan, befitting of its sun-drenched sandy beaches and coastal villages. Roam into Tarragona city, where you can find one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres outside of Rome and also a well preserved medieval town. In fact, not many know that Gaudí was born in Reus, a beautiful small town in Costa Daurada, and you could also visit the Gaudí Centre before heading back to the beach.


Terres   de   l'Ebre

On the southernmost tip of Catalonia, you can encounter flamingoes. Yes, you read that right. In the wetlands of Catalonia, about 190 km from Barcelona, the Ebro river delta converges to form a UNESCO recognized natural biosphere reserve which is home to rich and varied number of birds, flora and fauna. In the middle of the delta, you can do bird watching, kayaking, kite surfing and many other nature activities within this calm and serene space, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city.  


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