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Photo from: Boris Kaƒan

The irresistible charm of Croatian towns and cities will wake up that feeling that in Croatia time flows more slowly. Discover the beautiful nature, cultural heritage and the most delicious cuisine in which seasonal and fresh ingredients prevail, that are masterly prepared in restaurants and taverns, from the most modern to the traditional variants.

Photo from: Zoran Jelaca


In Croatia, you can feel the atmosphere of Mediterranean cities, the vibrancy of their stone streets and squares that look like scenes from movies. Discovering a story of rich history and visit the legendary fortresses, the sacred heritage, museums, galleries, monuments that are part of UNESCO world heritage, etc.



Discover the perfect recipe for a trip to

Croatia, where you will experience the

marvels of a cuisine characterised by

Mediterranean flavours and the fruits of its

olive trees and vineyards. 


Photo from: Maja Danica Pecanic

Photo from: Luka Esenko


The Adriatic Sea, one of the most peaceful and transparent of the Mediterranean, is the very place for sailing under full sail, for a motorboat cruise ships or for simply enjoying the recreational fishing by boat. Through 6,278 km Croatia’s coastline offers an exciting challenge of 1,244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs with thousands of wet and dry berths available all year, modern marinas with yatchs to hire and professional sailing courses to attend.


Hop from island to island in the Kornati archipelago mooring in bays or natural shelters, enjoy the underwater fishing in Pakleni Otoci, visit the famous lighthouse of Palagruza, the most remote Croatian island and moor at the amazing Elaphiti Islands.


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