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Heart of the Ancient Greece, Athens features the most impressive remnants of the antiquity such as the Acropolis and its museum, the Parthenon, the ruins everywhere across the city or the Piraeus port (the first largest passenger port in Europe). The heritage is still evident in the capital and will make you travel back in time 


The Cyclades archipelago, located in the Aegan sea, is called as such as the 24 islands circle the sacred island of Delos. Characterized for the emblematic white and blue houses which match the blue of the sea, the Cyclades are the place to be during summer, especially Mykonos if you are looking for the most incredible party experiences...

Meteora complex

The crystal clear waters is not the only thing that makes Greece fascinating. The country is home to many monasteries, such as the Meteora complex, composed of six still-fonctionning monasteries perched onto high-cliffs, accessible by staircases and pathways cut into rock-formation. Breath-taking!

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